Aims of the Symposium

The aim of the symposium is to provide exchange of information and experiences on the new developments, trends and applications under industrial and academic view points in the field of electrical apparatus and technologies, as well as to stimulate personal contacts and fruitful cooperation, especially between industrial and academic institutions.


Organized by


With the support of

Technical Universities of Sofia, Varna and Gabrovo

"Nikola Vaptsarov" Naval Academy, Varna

Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions

House of Science and Technology — Plovdiv

Faculty of Technical Sciences, “Prof. Assen Zlatarov” University – Bourgas

Ruse University “Angel Kantchev”

Regional Organization of STU – Bourgas

Centre of Informatics and Technical Sciences at BFU



08 September 2021
The SIELA 2022 website is available!