Invited Speakers

Prof. Nathan Ida

Prof. Nathan Ida
University of Akron, USA
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Title: Sensors for Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation – from Coils to Radar Systems

Abstract: Nondestructive testing is a discipline that integrates physical methods with software and analytical tools to obtain meaningful information about the state of materials and structures. The probing of the test environment is accomplished through a variety of sensors ranging from simple coils through magnetometers to radar systems, all with various degrees of complexity. The sensors, their design and the tools needed to interpret the results are increasingly complex and increasingly integrated with electronics, computer systems and analysis tools that traditionally were not associated with the industrial environment normally associated with nondestructive testing. The present work discusses the more advanced developments in sensors for NDR. These include embedded sensors, sensor arrays, and radar derived sensors including ground penetrating systems and ultra-wide-band systems. Applications discussed include classical testing at low and microwave frequencies but also medical extensions of NDT and GPR applications.

Prof. David A. Lowther
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Title: Machine Learning applied to the Design and Analysis of Low Frequency
Electromagnetic Devices

Abstract: .......


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